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existentialism rant using Sarte's Doctrine on Heroes and Cowards

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A man can be a cowardice dog or beast it seeems, but if the dog of beast is completely a coward involved completely in that , than may his mouth stay shut and his eyes lowered. But on the other hand, as it said by Sartre's existential doctrine about heroes and cowards.
" There is always a possibility for the coward not to be cowardly anymore and the hero to step being heroic, what counts is total involvement..."

But if the dog is a coward , at any moment he will become a hunter. By either way of thought , I , and the dog inside my heart as well as the separate beast are loyal and completely wild.

The dog given teeth will bite. .

Where i was going with this is anyones guess , it was late. It has some meaning though , doesnt it ? hah.