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Richard Halliburton - anyone know him?

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(I don't believe he has any connection to the infamous Halliburton Corporation).

From the Minnesota Public Radio Writer's Almanac:

It's the birthday of adventurer and travel writer Richard
Halliburton born
in Brownsville, Tennessee (1900). The only child of a
well-to-do family, he left home to embark on a career of
dare-devil deeds, including riding an elephant over the
Alps, flying a crimson red bi-plane upside down over the
Taj Mahal, and swimming the length of the Panama Canal. He
wrote about his adventures in books like The Royal Road to
Romance (1925), The Flying Carpet (1932), and Seven League
Boots (1935). By the mid-1930s, his books were so popular
that his publishers gave him a blank check to travel
wherever he wanted and do whatever he pleased--as long as
he promised to write about it afterward. In 1939, he was
attempting to sail a Chinese junk from Hong Kong to San
Francisco when he sent this message: "Southerly gales,
squalls, lee rail under water, wet bunks, hard tack, bully
beef, wish you were here instead of me." He was never heard
from again.