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i hate catcher, sheltering sky is better

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i'm sorry, i know mine is the minority opinion, but catcher is OVERRATED.

the mystical aura around salinger is more hocus pocus than true art to me. the "revolutionary" technique of writing it from the perspective of a teenager with his language was nothing new back in 1951, and today it sounds stale, trite, and (dare i say it?) phony.

that's my biggest peeve: it's a novel that complains about phoniness through a phony character, and yet never manages not to be phony itself.

only two things i rescue: the character and wisdom of mr. antolini and the character and awe-inspiring strenght of phoebe.

if you want honest, intelligent, beautiful, real literature that delves into the philosophical questionings about post-WWII america, i suggest "The Sheltering Sky" by Paul Bowles.