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the Phillipine and Saudi connection

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Harken Energy was a Persian Gulf oil company which was formed in 1973. In September 1986, Harken Energy Corp. was a medium-sized, diversified corporation founded by Phil Kendrickthat, had been purchased in 1983 by a New York lawyer, Alan Quasha. Quasha seemed interested in acquiring not just an oil company, but the son of the Vice President. Harken agreed to acquire Spectrum 7 in a deal that handed over one share of publicly traded stock for five shares of Spectrum, which at the time were practically worthless.
[WP, July 30, 1999.]

In June 1990, Bush sold two-thirds of the Harken stock he had acquired in the Spectrum 7 deal at $4 a share for $848,560 –$318,430 more than it was worth when he got it. {2 -

Alan Quasha's father is William Quasha and is a Filipino banker, who had been at strong supporter of President Ferdinand Marcos. William Quasha owned 21 percent of Harken's stock. He also had advised top officials in Australia's Nugan Hand Bank, a CIA operation, which was involved in drug trafficking operations which originated in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.

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