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former Bush insider spills the beans

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suddenly former Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill may be the John Dean / DeepThroat of the Shrubya Administration.
on CBS 60 Minutes this Sunday (tomorrow) at 7 PM
O'Neill will be interviewed. here's the lead from cbs news:
"The Bush Administration began laying plans for an invasion of Iraq, including the use of American troops, within days of President Bush's inauguration in January of 2001 -- not eight months later after the 9/11 attacks, as has been previously reported."

As Treasury Secretary, he was fired by Bush because he didn't think the trillion dollar tax cut was a fiscally sound idea. there's a soundbite from the new book about him that's getting lots of play -- President Bush was so disengaged in cabinet meetings that he "was like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people."

one more nail in the coffin of a dead man.

plus, right after 60 Minutes there'll be the final debate before the Iowa caucuses, on MSNBC from 8 till 10 PM.

Also, I'm sure you heard Iowa's ranking and most powerful Democrat Tom Harkin came out for Dean, even tho Tom's been a long-time friend, colleague and neighbor of Dick Gephardt. this is huge news. Harkin was not expected to come out for anybody just to keep the democratic family all together.

gore, bradley, harkin . . . ya know there's gotta be somethin happening.