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Nader in 04 --

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apologies in advance if this offends in any way
and feel free to skip it if you're not into getting rid of george bush this year
but i feel it's important to say
if you Do feel it's important that bush not be re-elected into an unaccountable second term with guaranteed clear sailing thanks to the all-republican congress, with at least one supreme court justice likely to retire, several more countries left to invade, etc. etc.

the biggest thing you can do right now is to encourage Ralph Nader to stay out of the race. As has been pointed out here earlier, his votes were the difference in bush winning anywhere from 2 to 4 states in 2000, any one of which . . .

I actually voted for Nader that year, in New York state. I love the work he's done from car safety to clean air, and the voice he's been in the national dialogue for nearly 40 years. I wanted him and the Greens to get to 5% in 2000 to qualify for federal matching funds.

But his mantra in that election was that there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans. He was really wrong, and the world is paying a terrible price for it.

Nader takes votes from Democrats and independent swing voters who all need to unite behind one choice or there's no hope of amassing enough votes.

among other things, the republicans just gained 7 electoral college electors after the 2000 census / redistricting. which means the Dems lost 7 seats. total difference - 14 electoral college points. the final difference in the last election was 4! if all the states voted the same way in '04, Bush wins by 18. so it's really a 20 point difference not a hair's-breath 4.

i feel democracy is something you Do, not something you have.

i love this country, that's why i left my home to come to it at age 19; but i hate what has happened to it, and which is why i left my birthhome last week to come back and fight for it. the america i know and love's been invaded, lied into a war, lost respect internationally confirming the worst stereotypes about us, and we're bitterly divided at home.

Bush & co. have started a "clash of civilizations" (a term we may unfortunately become all too familiar with), and they have a lethally deaf ear to the cultures they invade.

so i feel strongly that we must not have 3 branches of government in the hand of Republicans for the next 4 years.

i feel we are not citizens only on election day and when we do jury duty, but every day.

that's why i'm so involved Now and will be working every day until November for my country and our world. I don't think we've ever been at such a serious crossroads in my lifetime. I wish things were different and i didn't have to do this, but our country needs us.

the most important thing that can be done right now is to politely suggest that Ralph Nader Not run as a candidate. that will mean anywhere from 1 to 10% of the vote in many key states, from Oregon to New Hampshire, Florida to Wisconsin. that's a huge number of votes that needs to, and can be, secured Now.

Just as Nader was the difference in who ended up president in 2000, he would swing it for Bush again this year.

he can still be his brilliant strong voice on the national stage without being a name on the ballot.

the first and easiest thing you can do is go to his site for 30 seconds at
and click yes or no on his 4-question questionnaire, then leave your reasons why in the comment box if you want to.

why i'm concerned is he said he wasn't gonna run with the Greens but that he is still raising money and looking into it, so a) his own website poll will mean something, and b) he's still in the race, which is a disaster.

one vote to his website now could make more of a difference than one vote next november.