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even dubya has his demons

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if you look closely when he comes out to do a press conference, he has the most pained look, like, "I don't wanna be here?" then centers focussed and performs flawlessly.

i am now gonna do a period of metta meditation for ta loin all about my center in a lovingkind state and to practice that and begin ta expand upon it. i mean it took me 56 years ta get to a place where i feel a deepening awareness of that substance within, inubstantial tho it be, a place of calm demeanor, non-judgemental, nurturing, healing, & helpful. i wanna spend some time there and empower it and bring it out. loving kindness meditation.

like swami beyondananda is saying, dubya has brought us back together, the political, spiritual, and creative branches of the counterculture are merging. or as he also said, dubya may wanna put a man on mars in a few years, but the way the patriot act is going, he gonna have a man on uranus before ya know it!

so the emergence of a new humanity has as an aspect a clarity of vision that sees ua all as being somewhat shaped by our environment and socialization process; dubya, the ismalic fundamentalist schools nurturing intafada, yale conservatives, swarthmore liberals. the real deal is to gain an awareness of this, implant seeds of illumination in self and others, and develope the awareness that there are choices available. Thus the rucksack revolution, etc. A breaking open, and a new creative mentality that is comfortable with complexity and not locked into an insecure morality mentality. I mean they are now sayiing that Britney Spears can marry her fling dude for 55 hours, but a samesex couple committed loving can't do it. My god. So we have a war in the holy land.