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well... I hope

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this "new humanity" emerges pretty damn quickly, because it's all heading in the wrong direction, and I haven't seen much evidence that we're going to figure it out. Maybe just thinking about these world issues takes its own distorted toll or begins to loosen one's grip on life.... for me, lately, it's a source of considerable disappointment and bitter, or even tragic irony.

People are still slaves to symbols. Bottom line. And we are busy making a living. We elect leaders to protect us against threats to our well-being and then we just hand them the keys to the store. Nothing much is questioned after that. Deals are made and big money changes hand and every few years or so the middle class is told it needs to sacrifice its sons and daughters to fight some new grave threat halfway around the world because 'war cannot be avoided'. I don't see any end to this....I only see it getting worse.

Politicians continue to talk out of both sides of their mouths. The next damn war is always the one which will make it all right and finally bring peace. The next covert arms sale may install a murderous dictator, but it will finally 'tip the balance' in favor of promoting our 'democratic ideals'. We are not fighting in the name of religion, and yet our God is bigger than theirs. We must drop bombs on Mesopotamia in order to prevent Armageddon.

I wish us luck.