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that doesn't mean i don't oppose the dubya

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but it all starts ith compassion for oneselfand extending it to others. and yes angry eco-terrorists as well as dogmatic orthodox "revolutionaries," like chairman mao, etc, are dysfunctional idiots as much so as the ideologues who oppose them.

we've got to find ways to take away from violence. that means seeing into people, situations.

true warriorship does give compassion to one's adversaries.

how this comes about is really a part of the process.

am i a pacifist? hell NO! but I'll be damned before I will carry out a mission against a third world people based upon lies, manipulation, artifice, for the rich man, or woman, in condaleeza's case.

having compassionate insight is more that a sweet idealist notion. and if I have to fight for it, oh, well,,,but the fighting takes on a form of courage of freedom of expression and the willingness to stand up for it and accept the consequences.