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US imperialism in outer space

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interplanetary hegemony, here we come!

with plans for a permanent space station on the moon and the dreamed of manned exploration of mars on the horizon, not to mention the star wars / missle 'defense' system schemes always lurking behind the scenes, it is truly aparent that the US govt, under the leadership of its neoconservative oligarchs, is planning on bringing its imperial control into outer space.

this is, to some extent, a return to the sixties, when during a war of u.s. imperialism masked as liberation of the south vietnamese the u.s. was fighting a brutal war abroad while experiementing with outer space missions including moon landings. trade nixon for bush II, add some better technology, and its the same show. and then as now, we still have millions of poor and uninsured and keep wasting money on destructive, potentially destructive, and boyish adventurism.

see the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. :

August 16, 1967 Dr. King said "If our nation can spend $35 billion a year to fight an unjust, evil war in Vietnam and $20 billion to put a man on the moon it can spend billion of dollars to put God’s children on their two feet right here on earth."

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