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a double edged sword of deceipt it is

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space for monetary contracts for the same cronies that rreap the bonus of public taxpayers' monies for "defense" and for third world manipulations for HEGE-MONEY....and to divert attention from the dilemma of the underclass whose main avenue of social advancement is inside that military-industrial complex, now inclusive of space, but the same huge beast.

make no mistake, the avenue to the stars comes not from a tattered earth and a huge deficit. the prez is playing shortball. he needs be seen for his superficiality. and i believe that since the novelty of space is now passed, a real different agenda may emerge from a wiser demography of voters, or hopefully. but the mechanism is still the same: take monies from the private sector, you and me, and transfer it to concentrated wealth through government contracts that are capital intensive, ie, ripoffs, with ineffective job developement and ongoing deficit spending and marginal social benefit thereby avoiding a creation of new wealth, a diversification of the economy, and a divergent power base, politically and economically.