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Origins of My Moniker

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" I was traveling with The Intolerable Kid on The Nova Lark - We were on the
nod after a rumble in The Crab Galaxy involving this two-way time stock;
when you come to the end of a biologic film just run it back and start over -
Nobody knows the difference - Like nobody there before the film.* So they
start to run it back and the projector blew up and we lammed out of there on
the blast - Holed up in those cool blue mountains the liquid air in our spines
listening to a little high-fi junk note fixes you right to metal and you nod out a
thousand years.# Just sitting there in a slate house wrapped in orange flesh
robes, the blue mist drifting around us when we get the call - And as soon as
I set foot on Podunk earth I can smell it that burnt metal reek of nova. "Already
set off the charge," I said to I&I (Immovable and Irresistible) - "This is a
burning planet - Any minute now the whole fucking shit house goes up."
So Intolerable I&I sniffs and says: "Yea, when it happens it happens fast -
This is a rush job." And you could feel it there under your feet the whole
structure buckling like a bulkhead about to blow - So the paper has a car
there for us and we are driving in from the airport The Kid at the wheel and
his foot on the floor - Nearly ran down a covey of pedestrians, and they yell
after us: "What you want to do, kill somebody?"
-Naked Lunch