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House of Leaves

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Will Navidson, pulitzer prize winning photographer, gave up his photo carreer to move to a new home in Virginia and concentrate on his camera. For fun he sets up highquality video camera all aroudn the house and chronicles the entire time that they live there, which ends up not being too long. One day he discovers a doorway that wasn't there before that leads into endless cold gray halls of nothingness. He can't find anything, but the house seems big. When the evil terrible things began to occur he went into the heart to find the evil. In the end he made a documentary film. This book is a critique of that nonexistant documentay written by a crazy blind man named Zampano who leaves scientific footnotes. But there are also footnotes by one drug-abusing crazyman Johnny Truant who found Zampano's notes after he died. You get to watch his mental health fade away by reading his footnotes over Zampano's over the course of this 700 page beast.
It toom Mark Z. Danielewski ten years to make this masterpiece and if you ever want to read a piece of art that will talk and think about for the rest of your life, this is it.