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you're not that old!

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oh that's right, you were 13 in 1974. i was 27. not a sweet year for me. i was working out west in a mine, then visited the Self-Realisation ashram in California, camping out on the cliffs over the west coast, then a long bus ride and acrossCanada no less back to a drunken summer New Hampshire working as a janitor rthen back to grad school, a crazy crazy year freewheeling and grasping at a structured normalcy but the war was still going and my anger was enormous. 1975 ushered in a period of homesick rambling without a home to be homesick for, an expatriot insude my own country, stranger in a strange land, radical travels, always finding emptiness. It sucked, but I wouldn't change a thing. The road to freedom needs risk taking and bewilderment meant being in the wilderness.

It's good to be old and having survived a radical breakaway period, to look back and laugh about it.