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Will the real Crystal please stand up?

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I don't understand how you are using the term "liberal."

First you call the coup in Iraq "liberal," then you say it's funny how "liberals" parlay EXTRINSIC notions of injustice.

So let me rephrase your somewhat confusing altho admittedly fluid scrolling.

Your first statement is unclear. You either agree with the tenor of Orwell's novel, "1984," or you are in agreement with thre Reagan era. Are you a conservative or a fatalist about the totalitarian ability of the government to control reality?

The James Dean of the US cubicle office? What is this?
James Dean as a youthful rebel pop cultural icon of the small minded american governmant or the pop culture of common enemy denounced? Saddam was a friend for balance of power in the national interests, until he was led to believe that the US would not oppose an Iraqi takeover of Kuwait.

Rather than "cry a river" after 9/11 bush engaged in a "low grade war for obvious saberrattling." What does this mean? It doesn't connect to anything reasonable cogent. Just verbiage. He did cry a river, as we all did. A year later, there were all sorts of memorial vigils. I participated in one of them. Memorials for the tragioc loss and vigils for peaceful resolution ie without a buildup of militarism. The saberrattling was there of course and the first cries of "UNITED WE STAND" called forth great patriotic fervor. Also the President's "You are with us or against us."

So I get the impression that you are sulking about how "liberals" invoke notions of injustice from valuing what is external to the USA ie unpatriotic questioning about treatment of suspected Islamist persons. As if Utopia was stolen out from under our feet? Really? How many utopians had we before 9/11. Maybe you thought we were being utopian because we were looking for the "peace dividend" and 9/11 "obviously"was a segway out of that delusion.
What does the last statement have to do with it? You are restating Camus? whose valuation of suffering not experienced as being beyond empathy? I don't agree. I do agree that many folk don't care about suffering extrinsic to their insulated reality and that the experience of suffering is a wake up call. But everyone has or will experience suffering sometime in some form. Suffering is a noble truth.

So what is your point? Could you try to restate this rather surreal scribbling more ac·ces·si·bly ?