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dean IS electable, geez!

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i don't get why you say dean's unelectable. that is repeated in the media just like at first that saddam was responsible for 9/11, but neither are true. especially if he ends up winning the 1st 2 states.

way more people want to give him money.
he's led in all polls for Months!
all field reporters talk about the intensity and size of his crowds, far out-drawing all other candidates.
the biggest people in the democratic party all support him, therefore must think he's electable.
carol mosely braun spent months with all the candidates then picked him as the one to endorse.

his personality and electability are one of the reasons i support him.

he's not vulnerable on guns (A rating from NRA)
he's not vulnerable on money (fiscal conservative, balanced the budget every year in office)
it was the state legislature that wrote the civil unions bill, not the governor's initiative, and it was then supported by various supreme court decisions.

what exactly is he so vulnerable on?
i'm helping to register voters too, as i do every election, and he's already brought a gazillion people into the process who had turned it off.

can't we democrats give the intelligent, popular ethical doctor front-runner a chance?
except for these last-minute polls (that i don't think will bare out on monday night) dean has been the most popluar democrat in every state he's run in, more people like him than anyone else, usually by a long shot, he has about 5-times the number of contributors of any other candidate.

he's not supposed to be a player in gephardt's iowa or kerry's ne hampshire, yet he's been leading for months.
where does this 'unelectable' come from?