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the verbiage mind you

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was meant to convey myself as a conservative....this is ironic because i have about two pennies in the piggy bank of political knowledge. youre outstanding refutation may have been well thought out, but in it you missed the point...with the us dominating with some exceptions (china,not so great britain)the world and maintaining its capitalist imperialism in most parts of latin america, asia, and countless other nations, it is no surprise that we invaded the rebel saddams country and took it over, in the hopes of setting up a sort stronghold in the hotbed of antiamerican violence IT HAD TO BE DONE even if bush ignored the ahem UN and took some flan in the face from just about every fashionable college kid liberal there is I will vote conservative i guess in this ramble i stated the obvious but i just dont see what is SO HORRIBLE about bush aside that he got to be the unlucky president on the date 9/11 and was slightly seems like every person on this board just wants to make intelligible comments about how "bush is stupid" when i really think we should just play with the cards dealt...feel free to make corrections in red ink! oh yeah the camus reference is my perception of why americans vote liberal incentives friends, incentives