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primarily happy

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man, i just can't believe how both kerry and edwards have come to life! not just their numbers upticking, but their speeches and demeanor and oratorical fire! i'm really very happily surprised.

a lot of these guys seemed like also-rans and doomed, but all of a sudden they've all got their A game goin'. even the rank amateur clark has learned how to put on a New England Patriots jersey and make headlines by calling for the arrest of GWB.
i'm really pleastantly surprised.
kerry looked doomed and out of it in more ways than one.
now he looks like the president.
edwards looked like an out-of-his-league child buffoon, but all of a sudden he's like a young clinton on fire.
i'm really stunned at how the others beyond dean have suddenly found their game.
there's a very solid 5-person upper tier:
dean, kerry, edwards, clark, gephardt

second tier and soon to be out (thank god!): joe 'reagan' lieberman, al 'publicity' sharpton, and ernest kucinich.

anyway, great f*ckin competition! This is gonna be Really exciting now! i may be heading to new hampshire next week.