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your verbiage shows your befuddlement

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and your lack of perspective. your invective shows pure prejudice which is not objective. And your characterization of liberals as inept is purely and emotionally insecure and subjective, not at all intellectually competant.

The unlucky president that had office at 9/11 was also an inept president. there was much evidence that the administration had information in advance that was not acted upon. and the followup was also inept. i mean, i even supported the war in afghanistan, to a point, but was aghast at the usage of gunships and the indiscriminate aerial bombing, but hey, i speak from experience about civilian suffering. still, there was merit. altho we had an option to have the taliban turn over bin laden first, which we rejected.

the iraq war was not a good idea; there's nothing conservative about it. as for you, crystal, ya might needs make your statements more clear for better blue persuasion.

a true conservative is not mr dubya.

more like our friendly commentator buchanon.