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war heros vs. service dodgers

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obviously anybody who says that is jokin or talkin outta their ass. the last week especially has seen probably the best field of patriotic, earnest, passionate, on-fire, diverse, arrticulate, America-loving Democrats maybe ever.
what do Dem or Indy LitKickers think of the Kerry rise the last few days?!!!

Bush isn't 1/4 the man John Edwards is, let alone a medical doctor like Dean (name me a republican who could even get thru law school, let alone want to. they can't steal enough for themselves if they're busy learnin healin).
Bush and "Dick" Cheney aren't worthy of cleaning the boots of John Kerry or Welsey Clark.

and come November we're all gonna know what an unqualified daddy-can't-save-ya smirking loser looks like!

as we all know, more Americans voted Against this service-dodging silver-spoon war-monger baby bush in 2000, and it's gonna happen again this year.

enjoy the democracy tonight!