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it's on C-SPAN - real time results via Brian and them

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this is SO exciting! i am SUCH a geek/ wonk!

two different caucuses playing out live on c-span 1 & 2. i gotta tape this.

"oh, we have one kucinich in the dining room" god this is a riot!

everyone is in such a good mood at both broadcasted caucuses. and both are totally packed.

the living room caucus on c-span2 as twice as many participants as other years. results:

23 kerry
16 edwards
10 dean
1 gephardt
1 clark

the gepahrdt person then went for edwards, and the clark person then went for dean. final
kerry 23
edwards 17
dean 11

final delegate count: Kerry 3, Edwards 2, Dean 2

in the big room:
kerry 111
edwards 43
dean 38
gephardt not viable

deliegate counts: kerry-6, edwards-3, dean-2

i finally 'get' what a caucus is.
this is SO cool!