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some people around here think

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they've got bin Laden hidden away in some holding cell, waiting until just before the election to spring the news of his capture. (not me, of course).

You're damn right. To answer your question, I do have that feeling 'in the pit of my stomach'; I've had it for awhile now.... that's why I can't stop thinking about all this bullshit, and why I seem to be constantly talking politics and foreign policy these days, even though I really hate that stuff. Yes. I do sense that we've gone seriously astray, and I'm trying to understand where and how we got to this point. Bush had no mandate when he took office, and yet he is spending hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives to wage an essentially unilateral and unnecessary war and occupation based on mostly suspicion and items of falsified evidence to remove an abhorrent dictator who was already sufficiently disarmed and contained thru years of inspections (a dictator who Defense Sec. Rumsfeld armed to the teeth in the first place). I'm absolutely amazed more people aren't pissed off about this.... just amazed. What a bunch of damn sheep... the president and his speechwriters start spouting the words 'freedom' or 'values' or terrorism', and critical thinking goes out the fucking window.

So yes... I've got that feeling. As far as scool drug testing, I hadn't heard of that one.... but it wouldn't surprise me, given the collection people acting like reactionaries who are in currently in charge (who also seem to be making quite a profit on it all). That's how I feel about it. So sue me.