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Spot The Liar, now on all your local stations

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hate to disappoint you, noble non-yank, but we have had our chain yanked since florida 2000 by this repulsive premediated child murderer, and we already know every word that comes out of his dripping herpied mouth is racist homophobic anti-everyone except rich white men bullshit.

he's a diseased lying whore flashing 9/11 thighs and then stealing your wallet while he strokes your warm spot.

his voice drains other humans of life, so the more we don't hear it, the more life we have.

i'm doing my share to get this evil-doer out of the white house. it's my choice to not bring him into my home via the TV screen to infect my space and lie about curing aids or cleaning the air or educating children or anything else he'll shove in the pie-hole of gullible stupid americans to vote for the haliburton-enron republican corporation.

god's gonna take care of these seriel child-rapist assholes on the other side. in the meantime, every non-hard-core republican is tuning into the alternatives.

another optimistic note -- talking to a millionaire life-long republican friend of mine, he was more Unhappy than i've ever heard him as a republican. he knows the tax cuts didn't work (as he points out, it didn't work under raygun) and he didn't like the invasion of iraq.
so it's just encouraging to hear of life-long republicans unhappy with the little smirking war whore giving fellatio to cheney's dick.

yeah, we just love george bush.