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slow down! Dean IS out

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i've been all for howie since august, wrote a 50 page 'book' on him, been to innumerable rallies, given him money, etc., but he's had his muskie-tear, dukakis-tank moment. he is unelectably done, toast, history.

he changed politics by the internet, and this primary campaign by raising the war issue and showing it's okay to speak out against the war-profiteers who started it. he has been great, enlisted hundreds of thousands of otherwise non-voters, envigorated millions, brought the level up debate up to where it needs to be to beat King George the Pimp, opened up the internet, and created an exciting race.

it's too bad he self-destructed, but that's why we have primaries.

how does kerry-edwards grab you?
kerry - mccain?