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Hey Harry

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I hope you were addressing my post (in which I eschewed the lies of Government to partake of the false comfort of Sport) and not the original post asking about our response to Bush's perfidy.

What's your response? What hallowed country do you exist in?

I think Shamatha (thread above) put it well - we all knew what he was going to say:

blahblahblah .... terrorism .....lielielielie .... more terrorism ...... blablahblah ...... freedom .......blah blah blah

You must be new to these boards or else you haven't paid too close attention to this one in particular as many of us have repeatedly and tirelessly hashed out & discussed & criticized & and fought over the Bush Administration, its arrogant and divisive policies, its belligerant world view, its deceitful rhetoric, its caustic, smirking nature, it's endless mean-spirited bellicosity, etc....

Once in a while, I find, I just need to tune it out. NOT listening to that swaggering pusshead fratboy disgorge his bilious venom while his coterie of sycophants clapped and yucked it up DOES NOT constitute apathy.

Besides, the Celtics won.