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i cannot stand sean hannity.

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in case you don't know who he is, you are not missing anything. he's a conservative talk show host on both radio and tv.

i happened to be flipping channels on my car radio and hannity's show was on. there were anti-war protestors outside his office so he invited some of them in to be on live radio. then he verbally bullied them and acted very obnoxious, indeed.

he asked them a question and insisted on a yes or no answer, even though it was clearly a question which was off the main point. when one of the protestors tried to explain why they couldn't just give a yes or no answer, hannity was very rude and derogatory, saying, "You liberals can't even answer a simple question!" and things like that.

The protestors were simply trying to say that we should try to resolve the Iraq situation peacefully. That's all they were trying to say. hannity asked, "Do you wish Saddam were still in power?" if they said yes, it would be like approving of all the terrible things Saddam has done. But if they answered no, then hannity could say, "well, then, we took him out of power, didn't we?" they were never saying saddam should be in power. it was not their point.
but hannity was very arrogantly rude and controlling and wouldn't let them speak. of course, he controls the microphone.
when one of the protestors tried to point out that previous Republican administrations helped keep saddam in power during the 1980s, hannity wouldn't let her finish her sentence.