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just to separate from perceived political fact and actual politcial view i would like everyone who sees this post to answer these questions. i will answer first. the us went to war in iraq preeemptively to flex its muscle.whether saddam was kept in power by previous administrations is of no consquence because it cannot change the fact that he is now gone. a negative outcome under a new democratic president may result in a complete withdrawl and abandonment of this peculiar experiment. utter lack of assertiveness in the middle east could lead to heightened terrorist attacks in america not excluding weapons of mass destruction. if bush stays in power, i am willing to concede, the conflict will not end shortly and more american lives will be lost. but we will have a torch shining into the pit of vipers which like it or not, will not go away next election.

why do you think the us went to war with iraq?

what do you see as possible negative outcomes under a president such as clark or dean?

what do you see as negative outcomes if our current president stays in power?