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good questions, crystal

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sure to flex it's muscle, shock and's not for you though to suffer the consequences. there are two reasons beyond the so nobly stated reasons for having preemptively hit on Iraq: 1'st to continue "gettimg over" the Vietnam Syndrome, that is, to prove that we are the military chapmions of the world and 2'nd, as e-dog said, for hegemony and favors to the rich boy's network.

possible negative consequence under the following president, who will be John Kerry: 1st, the loss of expensive contracts to Bechtel, Halliburton and the transfer of these contracts to the Iraqi's themselves/ second, the political defeat of Bush hisself.

as far as the aftermath of a reelection of Bush I predict: 1)increasing anarchy in Iraq 2) increasing unrest within the US military 3) bankrupting the economy at home 5) I can't imagine it happening and will work to the bone to assure that he gets dumped, and he will.

You say that lack of assertiveness in the mideast will lead to more terrorists attacks in America. Who else thinks that we are a torch shining in a pit of vipers?
It's nonsense. The reality is much more complex than this simplistic romanticised notion.

It will take a combination of efforts. 1) to be aware of the need to maintain vigilence 2) to take away from the need for conflict when able to do so 3) returning to the international community for advice and cooperation.

Bush's pronouncements don't fool everybody. Give it time and you'll see why.