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1. Now i know there are the economic reasons why the US went to war with Iraq, protection of oil being one of them, but i believe that there is a general ideology post sept. 11th of aggression towards those countries that have always been percieved as troublesome-something that the current president and entourage, with their close connections to the CIA, have adhered to for a while now. This ideology acts both as a blanket for other agendas and as a driving force.

2. The possible problems with having a Democrat as president is one that can be applied equally to the Bush administration-namely that they might extract themselves entirely from the process of rebuilding-as with the 'roadmap' between Israel and Palestine, and leave the job unfinished.

3. If Bush stays in power, there will be more bloodshed and America's image will deteriorate faster than it already is, and whilst the American dream is rapidly sinking, the reelection of George W Bush will give you 5 years at the most.