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I can see how there could have been

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a falling out between them. Ive been hungry for some surrealism but i cant , i have a mound of books and philosophy class with a 60 year old korean from harvard and yale , he speaks from his past and not from what philosophy is , I dont know how i feel about this guy. I have the new bukowski collection to read , kafkas diaries , camus's the plague and, Lawerences the apoloclypse and miller's insomnia or the devil at large an out of print book, I screwed myself until summer. I was going to get his manifestos , that would be good for summer , maybe some madman Artaud , I never discard my books , i like alot to keep alot. Breton was a doctor right ? Ive been thinking about premed , I'm soooo frustrated with deciding , I'm a fucking madman thinking it. I'm not even done with my EMT certification yet I go again in Febuary 6th. Maybe I'll apply to Boston College , they'll find it interesting how gruesomely stead fast Iam. Im young enough to decide here but getting too old to supersede it , I'm 19 , think I should go premed become a vet or a doc , then ill be a true doc. I would be better and worse than alot of doctors because I'm that crazy. I'm also looking at surrealism because it gives me the fuel to revolt , no careful smart sentences, no clever lit shit , no faulkner ... i dont like him much anyways, just waking it up alittle.