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If I was betting...

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My bet would be a Kerry/Edwards ticket. I really thought Clark was gonna take New Hampshire (I also thought Dean would win Iowa thus making it a fight between Dean and Clark) but now that Kerry seems to be leading the pack he's stealing all of Clark's momentum. Dean is finished - the "scream heard round the world" and what seems to be the media insisting he's not the "man" combined have all but destroyed any hope for him. If Clark was smarter and not such a two sided goof he would of won the Presidency. Although he IS insane I miss Ross Perot. Where the hell is Jesse Ventura in all of this????????????? Damn you Jesse!!!
Has anyone heard the rumour that Bush and Co. are thinking of replacing Dick Cheney with Condoliza Rice?????? I've heard this several times now - a sad attempt at the Republicans trying desperatly for a slice of the black vote?? Who knows. The whole thing is surreal.