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Kerry - Forest - Kovic - Doug Brinkley

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thanks for that excellent kerry article.

in my self-absorbed world i forget that others haven't followed every member of congress's life history like i have, and for many, this primary is their first intro to kerry.

as an anti-war activist in the 70's myself, i certainly knew who kerry was, and always admired him.
he was like ron kovic, except he also served in congress.
and that forest gump post-war scene at the lincoln memorial always reminded me of john kerry.

to me he was not a hero for pulling the man out of the water, but for standing up to his own former officers once he came home.

also, did you guys know, it was the Doug Brinkley bio on kerry that the vietnam vet happened to flip thru in a bookstore that caused him to contact the campaign! brinkley of Magic Bus fame and soon to be Kerouac biographer. so that's cool.

i don't know about kerry's national electability, but as an observer of his career for 30 years, i can vouch for his high integrity, fighting the good fight, putting his name and life on the line. maybe he is an ugly old abe lincoln, but beauty does not ethics make.

thanks for raising his consciousness on these very unbored boards.

gather your passion and solidify your personal foundation. we've got a helluva rocky ride ahead of us and we're gonna need all hands on deck, just as Kerry was 36 years ago on that boat on that river.

stay safe, cuz we gotta get to the other side and bring everyone with us.