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more nausea and vomiting from retired chief warrant officer dick about the impen

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impending Iraq civil war.....

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Subject: N&V Iraqi civil war looms, CIA warns Bush
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 23:32:37 -0800

News and Views you don't have to lose:

Iraqi civil war looms, CIA warns Bush

CIA officers in Iraq are warning that the country may be on a path to civil war, current and former U.S. officials said Wednesday, contradicting the upbeat assessment President Bush gave in his State of the Union address. The CIA officers' bleak assessment was delivered verbally to Washington this week.

These dire scenarios were discussed at meetings this week by Bush, his top national security aides and the chief U.S. administrator in Iraq, L. Paul Bremer, said a senior administration official, who requested anonymity. "Very bad possibilities have been outlined," source says.
Another senior official said the concerns over a possible civil war weren't confined to the CIA but are "broadly held within the government."

Retired General Anthony Zinni says: Iraq Strategy "Screwed-Up"

Over the past year, the retired Marine Corps general has become one of the most prominent opponents of Bush administration policy on Iraq, which he now fears is drifting toward disaster.

"Iraq is in serious danger of coming apart because of lack of planning, underestimating the task and buying into a flawed strategy," he says. "The longer we stubbornly resist admitting the mistakes and not altering our approach, the harder it will be to pull this chestnut out of the fire."

Comment: I have noticed a change in the tone of Bush's speaking style in his speech to the US Conference of Mayors, today (via C-Span) In this speech he said, " Thugs and assassins (in Iraq) will not threaten America". He said, the mayors, " I expect you as mayor to do"... such and such.. Who the hell does he think he is? Has he lost his mind? Is the fear of losing Iraq, caused Bush to go off the deep end? It sounds to me like the man is running scared.

Maybe this explains why Sec. of State Powell broke ranks and said he thought that Iraq was not aiding al-Quada. It sounds like Powell knew Bush wouldn't fire him for this, because Bush needs Powell should all hell brakes out in Iraq and Bush has to order the US Army to pull out.

Janklow Sentence an Injustice

Statement of Joan Claybrook, President of Public Citizen

The fact that Bill Janklow, a former state attorney general, governor
and most recently congressman from South Dakota, received just 100 days
in jail for killing a motorcyclist last year as he sped through a stop
sign, is an insult to the jury that convicted him of manslaughter.
Janklow could have been sentenced to 10 years.

Janklow flouted the speed limit for years, practically bragging about
his lead foot. He knew well that speeding - particularly traveling at
speeds of 90 mph and greater - is dangerous, yet he continued to do it.
In a particularly hypocritical stance, Janklow used to advocate stiff
sentences for breaking the law, including the laws of the road. It is an
injustice that he is getting off so lightly.

The hundred days in jail, of course, really aren't 100 days. Janklow
will serve only 30 days, after which he will be released during the day
to do community service. Drug users are put behind bars for years, yet
when a prominent politician's ongoing reckless behavior kills a man,
he is sentenced by a judge to what amounts to just a month behind bars.
That is not justice or punishment.

It is even more galling that the judge ordered Janklow's felony
record to be expunged. How insulting and hurtful to the family of the
man who was killed. While the court may try to pretend the death never
occurred, the man's family will never forget.

Public Citizen

Congress Must Cancel Overseas Internet Voting

NY Times opines, "Four computer scientists brought in by the Pentagon to analyze a plan for Internet voting by the military issued a blistering report this week, concluding that the program should be halted. These four are the only members of a 10-member advisory committee to issue a report on the program. Their findings make it clear that the potential for hackers to steal votes or otherwise subvert elections electronically is too high. Congress should suspend the program... There is every reason to believe that if federal elections can be tampered with, they will be, particularly when a single hacker, working alone, might be able to use an online voting system to steal a presidential election. The authors of this week's report concede that there is no way of knowing how likely it is that the Pentagon's voting system would be compromised. What is clear, however, is that until the vulnerabilities they identified are eliminated, the risks are too great."

Interfaith Coalition Blasts Bush's Speech to Anti-Abortion Rally

Interfaith Coalition for Reproductive Rights writes, "Bush addressed the annual anti-abortion rally on the National Mall with facile words about creating a "culture of life" -- without mentioning women's lives or suggesting how a compassionate society can be created unless women are equal, free, and respected. We ask Bush how he can believe that all life is sacred and yet promote legislation and policies that result in exactly the opposite outcome for women and men, adults and teens. He boasted of refusing to spend tax dollars on promoting abortion overseas -- when in reality, the Administration's refusal to fund humanitarian family planning programs in poor countries has left millions of women without basic health care. He boasted of opposing "the destruction of embryos for stem cell research" -- when, in reality, those embryos, which could be used for life- saving research, were created for in vitro fertilization and will be discarded."

Canadian Police Accuse Journalist As 'Exported Torture' Victim Files

Ottawa journalist Juliet O'Neill's home was raided on Jan. 21 by Royal Canadian Mounted Police who accused her of leaking classified info to the press. The raid occurred THE DAY AFTER the US news reported that Syrian-born Canadian citizen Maher Arar was filing a lawsuit against the US government for detaining him without due cause, then shipping him to Syria to be tortured. But while the RCMP are investigating O'Neill, the RCMP is being investigated by Canadian feds, who suspect the RCMP illegally leaked information to Washington about Arar. "The whole affair started with the RCMP," says Kerry Prither, Arar's spokesperson. "First they whispered to the Americans that Maher Arar was a terrorist, which led to his deportation and torture. Then the RCMP tried to smear Maher Arar by whispering the same allegations to journalists. Now it's raiding journalists' offices as if journalists are the problem."

Christian terrorists
"The American media have reported these incidents, but they don't use the phrase 'Christian terrorists', although that clearly is what they are," says scholar Frederick Clarkson, author of Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy. "The media are terrified of being accused of anti-religious bigotry. They also say we don't hear from them these days, but that's because they deliberately kept quiet during the election year; it's not generally realized how anti-democratic they are. They are essentially authoritarian and it's a scandal America is not being told."

Two on the FBI's 10 most wanted list are Christian terrorists: Eric Rudolph of Christian Identity, a fugitive from the Olympic bombing that killed one in Atlanta in 1996 and a fatal abortion clinic bombing in which a nurse was also blinded; and James Kopp, a disciple of the fanatical Catholic group, Lambs of Christ, who murdered an abortion doctor in Alabama in 1998 and up to five in Canada with a high-powered rifle."

An anti-abortion activist, Chuck Spingola, calling for a new wave of violence against clinics and doctors, is following the example of violent Islamic fundamentalists, telling those who share his views to become "Christian terrorists" and promising them a reward in Heaven.

Chuck Spingola wrote in a posting on the Army of God Web site, "Regarding abortion the separation is clear. The CT [Christian terrorist] has the Word of God and a testimony of loving, albeit terrifying [to the wicked], actions,"