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your tom waits suggestions request

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should garner quite a few suggestions.

waits has two periods in his career. the california piano jazz/blues stage and the later, more experimental stage. if you liked mule variations, a nice record to get next might be "beautiful maladies," which is a long-cd greatest hits-type compilation.

but his earlier records are also very worthwhile. you can try some of the hits records like "the early years" vol 1 or 2, but those are sorta slow love-song heavy. i recommend looking for either "small change" or "foreign affairs," the latter actually containing a nice tribute to jack and neal.

one of my personal favorites is a live album from the early stage called "nighthawks at the diner," some great tunes you dont find on other compilations and some classic interludes where you get to experience his beautiful bum-drunk wit. good stuff.

it's all good, tho. whatever you buy you cant go wrong.