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Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel

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I found this book as a teenager, and when I read it, I found it both interesting and absorbing. It's kind of like an autobiography of Elizabeth Wurtzel's life, from her childhood, to her time at Harvard, to her time of
depression, to her life after college. It reads differently, as an adult, for sure. Yet I find this book just as absorbing to read, now.

I look at Wurtzel as a child of the 90's, in this book, a young adult voice of the 90's who shared a life of social culture description, and her own pain.

I think that she published this book at age 25, which I think was quite brave. She has written some books since, and while some critics complain, that she includes way too much detail or too much intimate portraits of her life, I still think her writing is generally brave, and, quite absorbing so far. So, give it a try.