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Beat Museum ?

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I don’t really remember why, but I got this

Monthly Newsletter - January, 2004:

”Dear subscriber,
With this issue of our monthly newsletter and The Beat Museum are making a major announcement! Starting in the Springtime The Beat Museum is going “On The Road”!
The Concept of the Beat Museum on Wheels: opened The Beat Museum in Monterey, California in 2003. We’ve entertained thousands of visitors this first year and, while we enjoy this quiet coastal life, we want to do more to allow the many thousands of people who aren’t able to make a trip to California’s Central Coast to see our collection and learn more about the story of the Beat Generation.
I envision the Beat Museum on Wheels as a way of continuing to spread the message of the Beat Generation to America’s youth and the population at large. I can see the Museum turning up at High Schools and Colleges as well as Poetry Events, Festivals and other appearances across the country. I can envision the Museum as a catalyst for readings, discussion groups at bookstores, coffeehouses, and other locales, encouraging the study of various Beat themes and what it all meant (and still means) to America and the world.
What the Beat Museum on Wheels will look like:
We’ve recently acquired a classic Airstream motorhome,….the perfect vehicle to showcase the spirit of the 50’s and the Beat Generation.
Click here to see a photo of the Airstream 345:
In the coming month we will be acquiring and customizing a trailer to house the Beat Museum on Wheels.
Followed by a Call for Volunteers and How You can Help:
This will be a very low budget operation as we bring this dream into reality, so to that end we’re looking for the support of likeminded people who want to assist us as we spread the Spirit of the Beats across America in 2004. We’re looking for help in the following areas: Event Coordinators, Corporate Sponsors, Press Contacts, Celebrity Contacts, Computer and Internet Assistance.
To hear more about our vision for The Beat Museum, you can hear an NPR radio interview that ran in late 2003 by going to and clicking on the link that is 2/3’s down the homepage.”

And see

Looking a bit too much like ‘commercializing’ at first glance,
But then: why not ? and there are some interesting items / thoughts collected