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Beyond the vote, the underground stream

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we can both expend the Green party and dump Bush in 2004 and that should be the premier level of this debating. And the major party candidates should be challenged by an independent and or a Green. But of course, it probably won't happen unless someone with a considerable resource comes along, but it should happen.

I am not telling anybody to vote for anyone; my efforts are shaping up to be involved in voter registration and let the chips fall where they may, but my sense tells me that new voters will either vote predominately democrat or green, except for kids coming from families of origin that are republicanm as I did and indeed voted for Nixon 1968....I voted McGovern in 1972 and voted Democrat ever since except for 2000 when I along with 25000 in Tampa Bay voted for the Greens.

There were more Democrats in Florida who crossed over to the Republicans than who crossed over to the Greens. We do not in any way want to delimit options and voting conscience is one of them.

I've already made it known my preference, but it's not going to change my attitude about the enormous crimes our coun try is committing abroad and at home with the transfer of money from the common folk to the elite under the guise pf tax breaks and the stupidity of the pseudomorality of the religious right. So the essential common denominator will not change. The same issues will confront us just hopefully with a more sane poluitical environment. After this year, we need to get rid of the republican congressman in my district who has not had a challenger since 2000 when the nATURAL lAW PERTY GOT 11,000 VOTES. tHE DEMOCRATS HAVE NOT YET ANNOUNCED A CANDIDATE, oops, and the Greens are running a comic campaign candidate: a ficus shrub....

besides we are all involved in communicating to others promoting our essential messages and only recently have been engaged in serious debate internally.

we need to be assertive and confidant that those of us who are going to vote Democrat are not losing sight of the shortfalls that they have demonstrated and to hold them to a higher standard and the Greens are the ones who are doing just that. So it really has got to work with the spectrum together, otherwise the vision will be lost and we may as well drop out alltogether.