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I disagree

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Sal/jack/ray,s infatuation w/ dean/neal/cody is on a plain that most folks couldn't even friends.I feel more than comfortable saying I have a friend who's antics endear me to him forever just as sal/jack loved neal/dean.ok so lou is not a car thief.but if one listens kerouac was first drawn to cassidy by the letters to "chad king"whoever that really is slips my mind right know.but thats not important.the free style of neals letters is were jack found his real voice.ever heard of the 13,000 word letter were neal cassidy describes the dimensions of windows & some fantastic lay,that was it, jacks mind with all its brilliance had to race like some spider shaped roman candle with a center flash of blue that makes every one go AWE.I think we've all know a friend like THE HOLY GOOF.