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there is a world of difference between them

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but obviously you've not got beyond your self centered little world windows just yet.

Kerry testified more than 30 years ago to congress that the Vietnam war was unfounded, a tragic waste.

Bush was snorting cocaine while ostensibly a Guard pilot while in reality he lied about 1973, when he was supposed to be in Alabama working a private job and with a bogus Guard unit, in reality, he was in Houston serving time as community service.

Kerry was adamant that this war not be conducted without broad international support and only as a last resort; his vote was to inpel the Iraqis to open up for weapons inspectors, but was used by Bush to further his own agenda.

I'd be scared, if I were you, if Bush gets re-elected.
I'd be scared about what is going to happen in Iraq before too long. An outbreak of civil war, a mounting secret police establishment not unlike the one under Saddamn that will plan executions like we did in Vietnam as the Phoenix program.

We need a controlled drawback into defensive and secure positions with a gradual withdrawal. The international community will not sacrifice their citizens inside Iraq.
Up to Bush, yes, we will stay there until the American public insists his replacement. Which will be a strong democrat with progressive values and a common sense attitude about using common people for combat. He won't do it like you say. Your shallowlessness is confounding to me, and you casll yourselves literate?

Jim Willingham Vietnam Vets Against the War