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Select a candidate, or just come to talk about them

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Because I know you'll all be sitting right next to the radio during the New Hampshire primary with "America's Next Top Model" muted...or maybe not. Maybe you have the full media rig with 3 televisions showing different news feeds, which could be good but a little nervewracking.

Either way, there are few cool Campaign things going on thanks to the Public Radio wonks.

Public Radio has a Select a Candidate tool, which basically asks you questions on the issues and then calculates your matches with various candidates. Could be a surprise, but you never know.

There is a LIVE chat during the New Hampshire Primary Tuesday, January 27th from 5 pm to 9 pm CT. Several public radio stations are all involved - it is a National Chat, folks. Voters like you and me and everyone in between, or on the fringes. Just before 6 pm ET, head to and look for the New Hampshire Primary Chat link, you don't have to preregister or anything fussy.

Show up & have a talk. There will be moderated sections of the chat which will include campaign staff members, journalists, and political commentators - get your questions answered by the insiders. The rest of the time folks will be talking issues & candidates LIVE.