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That's how K identified himself. It's in Subterraneans, I do believe. To another writer: "I'm a wordslinger and you're an idea man."

From memory, a letter from K to Carolyn about Neal: "Encourage him to write, Carolyn; he's as good a wordslinger as I am, which is the best."

Right on one count.

Back when it was new, we read Road for the style as described, not inscribed. But it's some of the best early boyhood irreverant humor we could find, like the "Pick up, man!" scene, and Truman's boat, and the two Greatest Laugh in the World moments. Peter Pan played by Jimmy Dean.

But when we came to Subterraneans and Visions of Cody, it was the rollicking diction we honed in on.

Hard to explain today. It's like describing the taste of sugar. There is no sweetness to prose today for comparison.