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tax the rich/ remembering debbie possun

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feed the poor
til there Are no ich no more.

concentrations of wealth don't bother me.
it's just the manipulation, the deceipt, the greed/
and the stupidity of the commoners to let it all happen.

we can do it, you know, encounter the deficit by converting away from a war based economy.

nice vibes about spinal cord injured folks. i worked at crotched mountain rehab center, greenfield new hampshire in 1973 as an aide. first job i had after leaving the bank as a pilot. had more fun, too. i can remember the kids, too. and this one nursing assistant, debbie possun, who was staying in a tent outside the summer, then got a place at a farmhouse cider mill also with a large tomato patch. she drank moulson ale and played zappa. she used to say, "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke." we went canoing on july 4th, 1973, smoked pot also, walked about in small NH town with its flags and all.
last time i saw her was in snow, sunshine, her red hair.

sweet grapes. and that's the truth!