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I agree with you

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on Dick...a unique, surreal, sometimes mesmerizing voice. A book I just read was What If Our World Is Their Heaven? Final Conversations with Philip K. Dick, edited by Gwen Lee and Doris Elaine Sauter. Actual informal conversations with Dick recorded just a few months before he died. One really gets an idea of how his brain works when he's just chatting with a friend. The title refers to a book he wanted to write. Briefly, the premise was the idea surrounding humanity's normal mystical experiences, which are by-and-large Visual. His idea was of an alien civilization that had Auditory mystical experiences, and earth's music created a religious experience on their planet. Their world was of a colorful heavenly beauty that connected to human mystical experiences. He goes into much detail...worth the read for anyone interested in Dick. Its actually a bit sad, because its obvious he was really excited about the idea and gave it much thought.