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Taxes=Worse than slavery

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At least according to this guy:

Compare an American taxpayer’s situation today with that of a 19th century American slave. Not all slaves worked on cotton plantations. Some with marketable skills were leased to businesses or released to labor markets, where they worked for money wages. Just like the wages of today’s taxpayer, a portion of the slave’s money wages was withheld. In those days the private owner, not the government, received the withheld portion of the slave’s wages.

Slaves in that situation were as free as today’s American taxpayer to choose their housing from the available stock, purchase their food and clothing, and entertain themselves.

In fact, they were freer than today’s American taxpayer. By hard work and thrift, they could save enough to purchase their freedom.

No American today can purchase his freedom from the IRS.

Slaves could also run away. Today, Americans who run away are pursued to the far ends of the earth. Indeed, the IRS can assert its ownership rights for years after an American gives up his citizenship and becomes a citizen of a different country. The IRS need only claim that the former American gave up his citizenship for tax reasons.

I don't know about you, but there has been many a night when I've lay in bed, dreaming and wishing that I could have been born a slave in 1850. I mean, so what if I could be whipped, I only counted at 3/5th's of a human being, myself and my family could be sold on a whim; at least I wouldn't be paying taxes. I mean, what good are taxes, except for paying for police, sewers, highways, schools and a few other things? I've never been robbed, (in America, at least) so the police are of no use to me, obviously. I don't own a car, so what good to me are roads? Okay, so I went to school, but only because the government says I had to. And yeah, I do defecate and urinate occasionally, so plumbing is nice, but in a pinch I could just squat in the alley.

Down with taxes!