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i just did billy

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do you know watermelon slim? blues harp player from oklahoma.

i saw him 1977 playing harmonica in boston streets
also was with a group from mass who came up to new hampshire in feb/march 1972 as we marched thru a snowstorm VVAW from the national guard armory to the gates of my air farce base (now closed! and a civilian enterprise area) Pease Air Farce Base. we had drank whiskey and took orange sunshine lsd and laughed our asses off, but actually it was my homecoming parade, biff (dmz) frank (101st ) steve (phucat ) and the rest i had a film of it which i lost the cops escorted us with silent flashers.
holy smokes i tought you lived in texas you live in jacksonville/i live in st pete. what you know. elecartist lives down in east coast near miami.

vets for peace, bro.
oh yeah i got you confused with lightening rod. does he know watermalon slim?