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name calling

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And so the battles continues on in Iraq... and the name calling continues to change. America was at war with the "terrorists", and then at battle with "enemies of the people of Iraq", and now those that are defending their own country from occupying forces are "insurgents".

It's easy to have an enemy, just call them by a negative name, a word that connotes dangerous, and a war becomes justified. America and its coalition have made use of those negative words, and Iraqi's are doing the same.

Name calling has been the battle cry that has given reason for war throughout history, and yet we try to teach our children against the use of negative words because they impart a danger to their lives. But it seems that all the preaching that parents and teachers have done for children for years and years has not changed the world into a peaceful coexistence of humanity. The name-calling continues to provoke a stance of offense/defense that we all battle with.