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Democratic candidates and media

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this whole thing is a media construct really: when one candidate seems to have some bit of momentum starting, the media rush to it/on it say that they have momemtum and low and behold the pollsters find the public has started to back 'em, it greats a snow ball effect, but the volatility of it allows for swings; Dean seemed to be in the lead and the news coverage was focusing on him promoting him as leader, then the first Iowa primary didn't do it for, then all the attnetion focuses on kerry and they hyp Kerry adn low and beehold he winds the next one and all of a sudden Dean's a has-been and Kerry's the shining star; what accounts for the changee? what if it started in a differnet state? was Kerry's debating performance what mattered? seems like it was mere rhetoric from all sides. the news coverage doesn't really even focus on the issues that the ment stand for, just their names and faces and maybe a blurb about their job and school, backgrounds. image, image, is everything.