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The Poet's Eye---Have You Ever Asked Yourself?

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When I was living in Denton in the sixties, periodically the cops would conduct raids on the various commune houses and hippie pads. When they came they always brought a ‘throw down’ bag. This was usually a wadded up paper bag with some nominal amount of contraband, a lid of grass or a couple of hypodermic needles, a few pills. If the search of the place didn’t turn up anything and there was someone there that they wanted or just wanted to fuck with, they would reach in a drawer and pull out the throw down bag. This also saved them the embarrassment of executing a warrant and coming up empty handed.

Make no mistake, the US action in Iraq was not so much a war as a bust. We have declared ourselves the narcs of the world. Like his daddy’s bust of Noriega in Panama, Dubya went into Iraq with a bogus search warrant.

David Kay, the chief US weapons inspector, has announced that there were probably never any weapons of mass destruction to be found. This is embarrassing to an administration who justified this bald economic siezure predicated on the presumed presence of these weapons. Now they are saying that it really doesn’t matter that there were no WMD’s because these guys were real bad guys.

What is amazing to me is that the Bushites haven’t pulled out the throw down bag. I expected this to happen from the time our troops crossed the border into Iraq. It would be simple enough to plant a little anthrax or a SCUD with a dirty bomb aboard. Then instead of looking sheepishly at their shoes they could have said, ‘See, we told you so.’

I think David Kay is to be commended for not buckling under the obvious pressure to produce results that would please the administration. He ran a clean show and my hat is off to him. He resigned last week.

Maybe now we'll see the throw down bag.