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The logistics of withdrawal

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I would immediately have the search and destroy missions to stand down and repair to secure military bases. Then I would begin shipping out the soldiers.

The real problem is that we've also logged in a huge arsenal, so I'd immediatelt stop the logistics of bringing in more military hardware and begin the removal of weaponry and ammunition via airlift and convoy. How ever the stuff is being moved in, I'd halt it and turn it around.

Next, I'd give a 30 day timeline to the so-called "Green Zone" within Baghdad for it to become self-protected and withdraw all U.S. troops from its perimeter.

Beyond that, the participation by the world body has got to be at their risk. I really see nothing better than a civil war for Iraq.

Even John Kerry will have a tough time of it there. Extrication will take time, simply a logistics nightmare, but a series of defensive retreat maneuvers would be advised. Otherwise, we'll have more of the same. Who among you is going to enlist and volunteer for duty in Iraq? How about you, Hella, or you, Illuminara?