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The notion that he manipulates reality to promote his ambitions:

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either you believe it or not. In terms of the actual Vietnam experience, it was a plethora of experiences. But the Winter Soldier investigation was real. That somebody could have exaggerated, sure. true of every situation.

You want to check out the Winter Soldier video? Also the book I am in, Days of Decision

Also, the comment...."But the issue goes far beyond theatrics. If he believes his 1971 indictment of his country and his fellow veterans was true, then he couldn't possibly be proud of his Vietnam service. Who can be proud of committing war crimes of the sort that Kerry recounted in his 1971 testimony? But if he is proud of his service today, perhaps it is because he always knew that his indictment in 1971 was a piece of political theater that he, an aspiring politician, exploited merely as a "good issue." If the latter is true, he should apologize to every veteran of that war for slandering them to advance his political fortunes."....smacks of an inability to disbelieve the lies and conditioning that do not allow for dissent, the most fundamental premise for democracy.

By dissenting and promoting a more grisly version of the war, including some of his own experiences, he somehow is
doing his fellow Vietnam Veterans a disservice, and his political ambition is nothing more than conveniently using these things, a personal damnation. So believe if you want to, but I can guarantee you that Kerry can and will stand up to any and all attempts to characterize him as less than real.

Besides, the differing of opinion is how we arrive at the truth, not a cause for bewilderment. Digest, ponder , and metabolize.

I can also say that there are vets to the "left" as you say of Kerry who utterly despise the man, so he's getting it from both sides.

Let the chips fall where they may. He's better than the draft shucking liar business friend of crooked Arabian bank connections. A determined personality. Will also be good for U.S. Canadian relations, heck if he gets elected I might even leave the country to visit, my chances of feeling more liked abroad and of being let back in to the States somehow improved.

To be sure, Owens cares about the Vietnam veteran image, but by denying the reality of the complexity of that imagery, he does a disservice to the struggles we all face, regardless of our individual slices of that war experience, our means of coping, and our political inclinations.
Kerry's tes·ta·ment in 1971 was an historic event for someone to come back from the very war and protest it....what I did also, not an easy task by any means, but an honored one.

check out HOME FROM THE WAR (Learning from Vietnam Veterans) by Robert Jay Lifton, Beacon Press, last printing 1992, with en epilogue on the Gulf War.

Lifton had the first rap groups in NY City with antiwar veterans. My personal friend, Robert McLane gives testimony in the chapter, "Zones of Rage and Violence."
Seems as tho he had two pictures up inside his tent, LBJ and Ho Chi Minh, as being "wanted for war crimes", caught during an inspection at DaNang, was sent to Khe San US Marines.....later went to drama school in NYC, did the rap groups, sold Panama Hats on the street, drove cabs, etc before going down to Shreveport with his daughter where I met him mid 1980's.

Truth is complex. Dealing with a tough world means QUALITY little brother, a quality of service and commitment.
Having a complex posturing is all about a larger reality. We all got mixed emotions and seemingly conflicting stances. Which is why the one-dimensional reality mentality of the National Review can not comprehend the fallacy of the Vietnam War, its protesting veterans, and the fulfillment of honor that entails.

When Kerry moves into the White House, I'll be saying "WELCOME HOME." and in a multidimensional way.

" overcome the consequences of my guilty action....this can happen...only out of the core of a transferred relationship to the world with the renewed forces of the renewed man." Martin Buber